Bed Bugs Tips And More

Bed bugs are pesky insects that can invade homes, hotel rooms and businesses. They live to reproduce young and hide inside
beds, clothing and furniture or anywhere they can’t be seen. These bugs cannot fly, but they live on blood and will bite pets and
humans. The more you know about bed bugs the easier it is to get rid of them.

Identifying Bed Bugs

Adults are usually no bigger than 5-7 mm long or the equivalent of a standard apple seed. Adults are oval in shape, somewhat
flat looking and are reddish-brown in color.
Baby bed bugs are much smaller in size and are usually almost translucent in color unless they have recently eaten. The eggs of a
bed bug are no larger than a pinhead. Each egg is pearl-white and may contain an eye spot when the egg is at least 6 days old.
How Homes Become Infested With Bed Bugs
Humans, dogs and cats can all bring bed bugs into the home. Travelers frequently pick them up from hotels they’ve stayed in.
Bed bugs can easily hitch a ride in a suitcase or the pocket of a jacket. Outdoor cats or dogs can pick them up from a trip to the
local park and bring them back where they begin to infest a home quickly.bed-bug-feeding-Whitney-Cranshawb

Where Are They Found?

target=”_blank”>Bed bugs are no larger than the thickness of a credit card, which means they can hide almost anywhere. These are common
areas where you may find them:

  1. Cracks on headboards and bed frames, box springs and the tags or seams of mattresses.
  2. The line where the ceiling and wall meet.
  3. Wall hangings.
  4. Inside appliances and electrical receptacle boxes.
  5. Inside drawers.
  6. Between the cushions and seams of couches, loveseats and chairs.

Getting Rid of Bugs

Remove pets and children from the home and set off bug bombs. Wash clothing and bedding and dry in a hot dryer. Vacuum the
home and furniture repeatedly taking care to dispose of the vacuum bag.

Preventing Infestations

  1. Check secondhand purchases of clothing, beds and furniture before you bring them inside.
  2. Enclose box springs and mattresses with protective covers to remove hiding places.
  3. Reduce clutter and vacuum regularly.


Getting rid of bed bugs can take months because new eggs are hatching all the time. Persistence pays off with constant cleaning and eventually, you can get rid of them.